PROSON, in cooperation with the Single Food Control Body (EFET), implements Level 1 training programs for the “Healthy and Food Safety” (Seminar of EFET). The EFET determines the minimum content of the programmes, approves and checks their implementation, as provided, conducts the evaluation procedure and issues the relevant training certificates (certifications).

Σεμινάριο Υγιεινής & Ασφάλειας Τροφίμων

According to Ministerial Decision 14708/17-08-2007 (Government Gazette B-1616), food businesses have an obligation to train all their staff (Seminar of EFET), which deals with food handling, based on a procedure described in the Ministerial Decision and in accordance with Regulation 852/2004 of the EU.

The above program aims at the transmission of general and basic knowledge for the proper implementation of appropriate practices/managments in the production/processing/storing/transfer/disposal of safe food and the correct understanding of mandatory, by law and current scientific know-how, practices for hygiene and food safety.

The KDBM A-SYDY undertakes the organization and implementation of training programs (EFET seminar), with remote follow-up (e-learning), which ensure success in the examinations of EFET for the receipt of the certificate. The program’s specifications are as follows:

• Each training program has a duration of 10 hours and fully covers all the thematic modules required for successful participation in the certification examinations.

• The follow-up hours are (breakfare or afternoon) to be combined with the working hours of the trainees.

• The trainers of the training program belong to the Register of Food Business Staff Trainers of EFET.

• The curriculum is approved by EFET.

• Registration gives a registration certificate.

• After the completion of the training program, a certificate of attendance is issued.

• After completion of the training, participants obtain the right to participate in EFET scheduled examinations to obtain the certification.

• The departments have continuous intrusions, are daily and offer high quality studies combining electronic presentations, providing notes, etc.